Old Catacombs Found Under Vinnytsia Streets

In Vinnytsia, a remodeling project has opened a long-closed secret passage



A mysterious basement has been discovered in the Ukrainian city of Vinnytsia. It was found during the demolishing of an old building. For now, no one knows what’s hidden in the dark behind the four arches.

“It’s all buried under the ground,” says a worker.

“When we started tearing down the foundation for this residential building, we discovered a small basement under one part of the house,” architect Yurii Pliasovytsia said.

The demolished two-story house was built in 1910. It was home to servants of a rich family.

“A residential building was constructed, where the owners lived. A small two-story house was built nearby. Servants lived there. The servants’ house was connected to the residential building by an underground passage, which has been preserved,” Pliasovytsia said.

Liudmyla, who lives in the building, says that it stands on catacombs. The land outside often sinks, and residents have grown tired of cementing it.

“The apple tree behind the house once caved in. There could be catacombs. We’ve fixed it numerous times,” Vinnytsia resident Liudmyla said.

The entire center of Vinnytsia stands on catacombs. Specialists have been invited to find out where the passages lead.

“There are many buried sites under Vinnytsia. Old catacombs or basements of buildings, which are no longer there. Of course, we need a person who knows about architectural excavations. They can do a quick and accurate analysis,” tour guide Oksana Rozdorozhniuk said.

While specialists are studying the catacombs, owners of the territory are already making plans on how they can use it. They’re thinking of opening a museum or a restaurant.

“Of course, we’re planning to leave it in its original form. First, we need to clean it up, so to speak. Find out whether it’s safe. Because the structure is old. And then we’ll decide what to do,” the owner of the building Andriy Zeniuk said.

The owners also haven’t lost hope of finding treasure in the catacombs.

Source UATV
date 05.09.2019
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