Sentsov Writes Novel in Prison

He completed it at the end of December last year

SentsovPhoto from Ukrinform-UATV

Oleh Sentsov wrote a novel in prison, which he completed at the end of December last year, Iryna Gerashchenko, Ukraine’s envoy to the Trilateral Contact Group’s humanitarian subgroup, wrote on Facebook on Thursday.

Gerashchenko received a letter from Sentsov, in which he shares his plans and expectations. Sentsov continues to write, and he expects that this year, a collection of his stories or his novel will be released. He also hopes that there will be a film or a play based on his novel.

Sentsov wrote in the letter that he doesnt  “intend to lose heart or start whining” and that he is not going to stop his creative or social endeavors.”

“When you read the power of a letter written on Dec. 30, 2018, from prison only now due to prison censorship, you are surprised at the courage of Oleh and his postive mood, despite all the difficult circumstances, ” Gerashchenko said. “This letter encourages you to work further, not to lose hope. We have no right. Ukrainians in Russian prisons show us a strong example.”

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Source UATV
date 11.01.2019
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