Real-Life Rapunzel

Two meters 35 centimeters is Ukraine's new record for the longest hair among children. The owner of the golden locks, 15-year-old Olena Korzeniuk, said she has never had a haircut


A special team of stylists worked on Olena Korzeniuk’s hair in preparation for the record measurement. Every centimeter counted.

“This kind of hair length is unique, it’s not something that you can see every day. There’s only a handful of unique examples like this worldwide,” Stylist Yuriy Tsariov said.

In everyday life, she keeps her hair up. Braiding it takes more than half an hour. So does washing it. Not to mention the hours it takes to dry such long hair, as she refuses to use a fan.

“It is somewhat tiring. It takes love, patience and care because a lot of people with medium length hair say that’s it’s too much work and so they cut it. That’s because they don’t love it. But I love my hair,” Korzeniuk said.

Aside from love, there are no secret diet or special care methods. Korzeniuk’s mother, Maryna Korzeniuk, helps the girl take care of the record-breaking locks.

“She eats normal home-cooked meals. She doesn’t take any special medicine or doesn’t put any special products in her hair. Just shampoo and conditioner to make brushing easier. And that’s all!” Maryna Korzeniuk said.

The keepers of Ukraine’s Book of Records were also impressed by the rate of growth.

“In just half a year Olena’s hair gained 50 centimeters. In August she came to our office with her mother for preliminary measurement. Then it was 185 centimeters,” expert of National Registry of Records of Ukraine Vitaliy Zorin said.

With the Ukrainian children’s record in the bag, Olena Korzeniuk has no intention to stop at two meters 35 centimeters. The world record for children is within reach, after which she sets her sights on the world adults record.

Source UATV
date 14.03.2019
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