Olha Kharlan Wins Gold Medal in Montreal

Ukrainian saber fencer Olha Kharlan wins the World Cup in the Canadian city of Montreal


Photo National Olympic Committee of Ukraine


Ukrainian Olha Kharlan has defeated Russian Olga Nikitina and won a gold medal in the women’s individual saber event at Saber Grand Prix in Montreal, Canada.

On her way to victory, the Ukrainian defeated six opponents, the National Fencing Federation of Ukraine stated.

Kharlan easily beat France’s Margaux Rifkiss (15-7), Japan’s Norika Tamura (15-7), Mariel Zagunis of the United States (15-8) and Sara Balzer of France (15-7). In the semifinals, she defeated China’s Shao Yaqi 15-14.

Kharlan opposed Olga Nikitina of Russia in the final. However, the Russian saber fencer could not create a decent resistance to the Ukrainian athlete and lost 7-15.

Source UATV
date 13.01.2020
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