More Domestic Flights

German low-cost bus service Flixbus is also entering the Ukrainian market
Photo Ukrinform-UATV

Infrastructure Minister Volodymyr Omelyan announced that domestic flights have increased, including Kyiv-Odesa, Kharkiv-Odesa, and Kyiv-Uzhgorod routes.

“We finally have an increase in the amount of domestic flights – not just international flights! Starting today, Ukrainians have access to regular, inexpensive and comfortable flights on the Kyiv-Odesa and Kharkiv-Odesa routes, courtesy of SkyUp Airlines. And starting tomorrow, there will be thrice-a-week Kyiv-Uzhgorod flights, thanks to Motor-Sich,” Omelyan wrote on his Facebook page.

Also, German bus carrier Flixbus will enter the Ukrainian market in the nearest future, Omelyan said.

“The largest and cheapest bus operator in Europe, FlixBus, is entering the Ukrainian market. It just ‘happened by itself’ after we reformed the bus transportation market in 2018,” Omelyan said.



Source UATV
date 03.06.2019
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