Optical Equipment for Ukrainian Military

Highly accurate sights, night-vision devices, and missile guidance systems. This optical equipment for the Ukrainian military is produced at a unique plant in the Kharkiv Region. The factory even sells its products to NATO countries


Optical devices installed on Ukrainian weapons are being tested at the state-run Izium instrument-making plant for durability and resilience.

Here, one can see the guidance system used in the BTR-3 and BTR-4 armored personnel carrier undergoing a vibration test.

After testing, the device will become part of the firing control system, that can detect a target several kilometers away.

“The plant makes all the sighting devices for armored vehicles, including all versions of the BTR APCs, Infantry Fighting Vehicles and tanks; as well as target detection devices, scopes, and guidance devices for the anti-tank missile complexes such as Stunga-P and Korsar,” Director of the Izium Instrument-Making Plant Serhiy Filonenko said.

The factory has a full, in-house production cycle. Optical glass is produced in special ovens – while other parts are melted from metal. Then, they assemble them in a special shop.

Electronic boards that control optical systems are also made at the factory and then assembled into one device.

“It’s a very lengthy process to make everything. It’s not a 1 or 2-day job, that’s for sure. There’s a lot of soldering on the circuit boards. It takes a lot of time,” Olena, an electronics room worker said.

The most modern devices, like a new optical sighting station, are also tested. Its small size and advanced stabilization system make it possible to use the station on helicopters, drones, armored vehicles, and ships. The station is equipped with three cameras, a rangefinder, a thermographic camera, and can also be used to control rockets.

“For a long time, we worked with the French, the English, with South Africa and China; and all that knowledge was put into this device, along with our own know-how that you’ll not find in any other foreign devices – a laser channel for missile control,” Chief Engineer of the Izium Instrument-Making Plant Valeriy Kovalenko said.

The next year, the factory plans to launch mass production of sighting stations for the Ukrainian military.

Source UATV
date 31.01.2019
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