Ordinary Day of Ukrainian Airborne Trooper

Soldiers of the 25th separate airborne brigade spend everyday training so that during their deployments every action would be second nature to them. They learn theory, they practice para drops and spend hours at the shooting range. Our Dnipro correspondents have filmed a day in the life of an airborne troops soldier



Every day in the 25th separate airborne brigade begins at 6 in the morning. Soldiers make the bed and do their exercises. After the morning muster and breakfast, they begin combat training.

“The duty of all persons is to submit to the demands of a sentry at all times,” the instructor said to soldiers during the learning course.

This is in the conscripts learning military code. They are taught about sentry duty. Contract soldiers, at the same time, have target practice.

When an airborne trooper is not stationed on the frontline, he trains constantly.

Assembly and disassembly of assault rifles and the loading and unloading of ammo cartridges are done by the personnel before coming to the target range.

“This is target practice with repositioning. That’s what we are practicing right now so that later in combat we would have these skills of how to engage the opponent,” warrant officer of the 25th separate airborne brigade Oleksandr Nilokalichuk said.

More experienced soldiers are undergoing first aid training together with their brigade combat medics.

Soldiers have to put a tourniquet on the leg and arm, as well as to administer aid to a brother in arms in case of eye injury. Soldiers are practicing the methods of providing the first medical aid needed in the combat zone. Later they go back to the military base and have lunch.

“Chickpea soup, potato wedges, roasted poultry. And Dnister salad,” head of the food supply service Kostiantyn Sviridov said.

The menu has some bonuses today — a boiled egg, a mandarin, and a chocolate bar. Soldiers are very content with their food. After their lunch, they continue training.

Para dropping skills are practiced once a week, with every action being trained on a special simulator.

“We practice everything until it becomes second nature. Every action from boarding an aircraft till the jump and landing,” major of the 25th airborne brigade Ihor Poddiachev said.

Soldiers of the airborne brigade train intensively every day. 10 PM is when they go to sleep.


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date 08.12.2019
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