Organization For Children With Down Syndrome in Poland

Every 600th child in Poland is born with Down syndrome. One of them is Anna Sokhnytska. Now she is 29 years old. Nearly 20 years ago, her parents created an organization to unite children diagnosed with Down syndrome



29-year-old Anna came into the room holding the hand of her mother. Seeing the camera, the girl immediately became shy and hid.

Anna has Down syndrome. She spends her free time painting. She thins and mixes paints, draws still life and ornaments.

“I am interested in painting, especially paintings in the style of Picasso and Chagall. I create colors myself and I will have an exhibition of my paintings in art school,” an artist, Anna Sokhtytska said.

She also likes to spend time at the computer. She maintains profiles on the social networks – Facebook and Instagram. Anna posts selfies and writes stories about herself.

Since childhood, her parents promoted a love for travel. The girl likes to discover new cultures and explore unfamiliar places. Every year the family tries to visit a new country.

“I was in Lviv and learned about many interesting things there. I really liked it, I saw a new place where I had not been before,” Anna Sokhtytska said.

When Anna was 11 years old, her parents, together with the families of other sunny children, created the association “More Loved”.

“Previously, a group of parents and us were in a Polish society for people with intellectual disabilities. Our children grew up, they were all together. We wanted to quit the group because children with Down syndrome are another “tribe”, another group,” More Loved Association President Yeva Sokhtytska said.

The “More Loved Ones” organization helps socialize people with Down Syndrome and support their families.

“Usually 20-30 families travel with us abroad. When we hold concerts, up to 300 people with Down syndrome can attend it. And another half thousand are ordinary spectators,” Yeva Sokhtytska added.

Every 3 months the organization publishes a thematic magazine to make people more aware of Down syndrome. Sometimes they publish books for grant money. There are about 20,000 people in Poland who have three chromosomes together with two in the 21st pair. Every 600th child is born with Down syndrome in Poland. Similar statistics are observed in other European countries.

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date 24.03.2019
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