OSCE SMM Intensifies Monitoring in Stanytsia Luhanska Disengagement Area

The OSCE SMM has been closely monitoring the disengagement area to confirm compliance


Photo OSCE


OSCE Special Monitoring Mission to Ukraine, SMM, has mounted static cameras and is using mini-UAV in the Stanytsia Luhanska disengagement area to confirm that the disengagement has happened. This was reported by UNN [Ukrainian National News] referencing the statement of the OSCE SMM.

According to the article, “In accordance with its mandate, the OSCE’s SMM is actively monitoring the security situation in the Stanytsia Luhanska disengagement area. Over the past two weeks, the [mission’s] presence in the area has increased, supplemented by unmanned aerial vehicles and static cameras, one of which was recently installed in the area, ” an SMM representative said to UNN in response to the question on whether the mission can make a final confirmation regarding the disengagement of forces in the area of Stanytsia Luhanska.

In its latest daily report, the OSCE SMM stated the presence of mine-clearing services, particularly SES (State Emergency Service) “…as well as nine civilian workers from the Luhansk Regional Road Service cleaning the road surface and sides of the road between the entry-exit checkpoint north of the Stanytsia Luhanska bridge and the former forward position of the Ukrainian Armed Forces.”

The SMM has not yet confirmed that the disengagement has been completed, they did confirm the absence of troops on both sides of the former positions of Ukrainian Armed Forces and of the Russian controlled forces in occupied Donbas.

Source UATV
date 09.07.2019
categories Joint Forces Operation
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