Paris Air Show

Some 400,000 visitors are expected to attend the world's biggest airshow, in Le Bourget


According to its creators, the Bombardier Global 7500 aircraft is a luxury suite in the air.

The interior is easily transformed into a restaurant. It has a living room and a bedroom. The aircraft can take off in Hong Kong and land in New York, which is 1,300 kilometers without refueling.

It is one of the many aircraft that’s being featured in Le Bourget, France, at the world’s biggest airshow. Organizers expect their event to be attended by 400,000 visitors.

Another plane at the airshow is the company Boom Supersonic, a startup working on a passenger plane capable of flying from New York to London in as little as three-and-a-half hours — half the time it takes on a contemporary passenger jet. In 2020, the company aims to bring back commercial supersonic travel — for the first time since the legendary Concorde was grounded 15 years ago.

“Breaking technology we need for supersonic has been proven safe, reliable and efficient,”  Founder and CEO Blake Scholl said.

Before that becomes a reality, however, one might be inclined to take a ride in a chopper. This is what a limo would look like if it could fly, claim the creators of the Bell 525 — a $15 million helicopter.


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date 20.06.2019
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