Parts of Dortmund, Germany Evacuated After WWII Bombs Found

An entire district of the city has been emptied during the removal process


Photo Twitter/Elliot Douglas


After several bombs from World War II were discovered in Dortmund, Germany not far from the city’s main train station, over 14,000 people were forced to evacuate.

In addition to homes being evacuated and business being forced to close, several medical clinics in the area also had to be emptied. This was reported by DW.

Near the bomb locations, the city has placed empty shipping containers to contain any possible blast during the removal process.

The train station was closed with all trains re-routed during the bomb disposal process.

Meanwhile, just meters away from boundary of the evacuation zone, it was business as usual with many people out on the streets and shopping.

With the tens of thousands of allied bombs dropped on Germany during the war, removing unexploded ordinance is a somewhat common occurrence, especially in cities or areas where industry that fueled the war was located. Dortmund is one such city.

Source DW
date 12.01.2020
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