Performance Proves There’s a Place for Everyone in Art

Performers were people with disabilities



There is a place for everyone in art, as well as in any creative space. “There is a place” performance was made to prove this poing. People with disabilities learned dancing and theatre alongside professional artists.

After months of training, they were able to try out improv for themselves.

The Kyiv performance was meant to break stereotypes about people with disabilities. It was funded by the “Unlimited” project of the British Council, which supports artists with disabilities across the EU Eastern Partnership.

In it, for example, Nataliya Harkava, who is visually impaired, performed ballroom dancing. For her, performance improvisation was a completely new experience.

Part of creating an inclusive performance is making sure that everyone in the audience will be able to identify with the actors. It should not be a separate art just for people with disabilities, its creators say. The diverse audience at Kyiv’s Mystetskyi Arsenal embraced the show.

The key to inclusion according to the British Council is “equality, not charity.”


Source UATV
date 23.05.2018
categories Culture, News releases
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