New Program to Present State Border Guard Service’s Daily Life

It will be a joint project of the Ukrainian State Border Guard Service and the International Broadcasting Multimedia Platform, UATV


Photo from UATV

The Ukrainian State Border Guard Service with the support of UATV channel is launching a television series about the daily routine of Ukrainian border guard servicemembers called  “Perimeter.”

“The idea of the project arose a few months ago. Its goal is to show the challenges that the department faces today. The name of the project is not accidental. The ‘perimeter’ in one meaning is a state’s border, which is saturated with interesting life, and in the other is the limit of the allowed,” Serhiy Yakymets, the head of the State Border Guard Service’s communication center said.

The project covers several topics: the development of the Border Guard Service, international cooperation, trans-border criminality, and the ingenuity of smugglers.

“We have military actions and a tense situation in the country. A State Border Guard Service is, above all, the law enforcement organization. And our cooperation with the UATV channel started because it is a channel that carries out the broadcasting, which is aimed at the consumer outside of Ukraine,” Guard spokesman Oleh Slobodian said. “For the State Borderguard Service, it is important to inform viewers about Ukrainian reforms, and what we do for the security of Ukraine and Europe.”

UATV Channel Director Liudmyla Berezovska said that people that foreign visitors meet when coming to Ukraine are Ukrainian border guards. And thanks to the “Perimeter” project, foreigners will be able to find out the rules, requirements, and principles of this state service.”

“For more than three years we’ve cooperated with the State Border Guard Service of Ukraine, and this was the first governmental service I talked about with when we launched the International Broadcasting Multimedia Platform UATV channel. This service supported us, provided a lot of content that we needed at that time,”Berezovska said. “So now, when the idea to jointly make a new project appeared, we immediately supported it.”

The premiere of the “Perimeter” program will be available to in English, Ukrainian, and Russian on Nov. 11.

Source UATV
date 05.11.2018
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