Petition Calls on New Zealand Parliament to Recognize Holodomor as Genocide

The petition is open for anyone to sign, regardless of country of residence


Photo from Ukrinform – UATV


A petition has been placed on the official page for the New Zealand Parliament calling for an official recognition by the government calling the Holodomor an act of genocide.

The petition can be found here and signatures can come from anywhere, it is not limited to just New Zealand citizens and residents. The petition will remain open until November 24, 2019.

The Holomodor was a forced starvation event in 1932 and 1933 in which an estimated 3.3 to 12 million people died. The exact figure is unknown as the Soviet authorities did not keep records of this atrocity. Information is hard to find from that period and most estimates come from family histories and not government officials.

The starvation began when Josef Stalin ordered all the food in large parts of Ukraine confiscated. This included grain for bread as well as seeds for the next planting season. All food items from people’s homes were removed. Fruit and vegetables from orchards and gardens was also taken.

To further complicate the issue, movement was severely restricted so people could not go to other cities or towns in search of food and no international food aid was accepted by Stalin’s government.

Currently, 16 countries, including Ukraine, recognize Holodomor as genocide. Six countries consider it a criminal act by Stalin’s regime. It is considered a tragedy or crime against humanity by six international organizations.

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date 10.06.2019
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