“Pitbull” Anton Bezverhniy Killed in Donbas

The bullet of a Russian-led sniper hit Anton Bezverhniy - call sign "Pitbull" - near the village of Novozvanivka in Luhansk Region. He served in the "Donbas-Ukraine" battalion. UA|TV correspondents met Anton last winter


This video was shot on February 6th of this year. This is a battle station. Two soldiers of the “Donbas – Ukraine” battalion are manning it. One of them is Anton, with the call sign Pitbull. He is from Kharkiv. An always cheerful operator of an automatic grenade launcher, this was his first deployment on the front line.

“I was prepared that I will have to fight in the war. It is an assault battalion, not a church choir. Men who serve here need to have no fear, need to be normal, need to know what they are doing and act according to commands. This is why I had no fear,” soldier of the Donbas-Ukraine battalion Anton Bezverkhniy, call sign Pitbull, said.

According to Anton, people far from the frontline do not understand what war is. At the frontline he understood what’s what and figured out why and for what Ukraine is fighting.

“We have to resist, so that they will leave. We have to liberate our lands, Luhansk and Donbas. We have liberated some occupied territories,” Pitbull said.

Anton and Yana Chervona would come to the battle station to be on guard together. They were always joking around. Both of them recollected the first interview that Anton gave just one day before his 25th birthday.

“It was his birthday. For half an hour Pitbull was describing the situation, from where the enemy was firing and what they hit. In the end, they cut out all these parts from the interview and left just one phrase ‘And today we will have cake!’,” soldier of the Donbas-Ukraine battalion Yana Chervona said.

She died from artillery fire on April 2. With Yana, soldier Oleksandr Meliutin was also killed. Anton was not with them on that day. When he came to the position to retrieve their bodies he swore he would have his revenge on Russian forces.

“Remember when I said that things will get hot for them because of Yana’s death? Guess what’s happening right now? Glory to Ukraine. Yana, this is for you!” Bezverkhniy said.

On the morning before his death Anton publushed a photo that said “you cannot die twice, you cannot be killed twice. To die in battle is an honor.” A few hours later he was shot by a sniper and the wound was fatal.

He kept his promise to his fellow soldiers and the oath he made to the people of Ukraine.

Source UATV
date 16.05.2019
categories Joint Forces Operation, News releases
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