Plastic Bags to be Banned in Ukraine

They are cheap to produce, easy to carry and to store. Despite these distinct advantages, plastic bags are the number one contaminant that ends up as waste in landfills and the oceans. In response, many countries are banning single-use plastic bags


Every year, the average Ukrainian shopper uses about 500 plastic bags. While this item’s median lifespan is just 12 minutes, it takes hundreds of years to decompose.

“Plastic bags are a big problem. They are free. A real confrontation begins, when you get to a market or a store. Those sellers always say: ‘I will give you a bag! I will give you a bag!’ I reply: ‘I don’t need a bag’,” said Alina Bezkrovna, eco-activist.

Eco-activist Alina Bezkrovna prefers canvas bags over single-use plastic ones. Instead of disposable dishes, which are not so easy to recycle, Alina uses special boxes.

She even endorses her neighbours to sort garbage.

“We opened a garbage room twice a week, for an hour or two. We had different containers there, so that people could sort their recyclables. They learned which materials can be recycled and which can’t,” she said.

Last year, people living in this residential complex chipped in for waste containers.

“We sort cardboard, and paper. […] We also collect various detergent bottles. There is no need to wash them in a special way. The main thing is that they have to be empty. Aluminum cans are collected separately. This is important, as they are recycled separately, said Svitlana Rykychynska.

Svitlana Rykychynska says it is not difficult to find an alternative to plastic bags.

Now it is a choice of eco-conscious people, but in just over two years some plastic bags will be prohibited in Ukraine.

“The relevant bill comes into force on January 1st, 2022. We are now talking about a partial ban on the use of plastic bags. […] Only thick and oxo-degradable bags will be prohibited. Biodegradable ones will require official labeling. And there will be no ban on their use,” said Daria Volodina, MP.

Similar restrictions have also been introduced by the European Parliament. By 2021, single-use plastic dishes, cotton swabs, straws and stir sticks will be banned in all EU member states.

Source UATV
date 01.11.2019
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