Jacek Czaputowicz: Poland Backs Extension of EU Sanctions Against Russia

He said that Poland constantly backs Ukraine in the international community


Photo from Ukrinform

Poland supports the extension of sanctions against Russia for its aggressive actions against Ukraine in the Azov Sea and is ready to promote this idea in the European Union and at all international organizations, said the Polish minister of foreign affairs, Jacek Czaputowicz, in interview for Ukrinform.

“We really believe that the actions of Russia (in the Azov Sea – ed.) deserve a clear response. In this regard, such a signal should be clear. Sanctions would be the best evidence that the international community does not accept such behavior,” Czaputowicz said.

He recalled that recently, the EU discussed the possibility of new sanctions against Russia for holding illegal elections in the occupied territories of Luhansk and Donetsk regions.

“As for Russia’s aggression on the Azov Sea, we also backed a position that these actions new sanctions should be imposed, but some countries were not ready for this. That is, the discussion of this issue should be continued, ” Czaputowicz said.

He also mentioned that within the EU, an individual state cannot impose sanctions. It should be a collective position, because EU trading and visa policy is the decision of the entire community.

He answered positively to the question whether Poland was ready to be the “promoter” of anti-Russian sanctions.

“Of course! By the way, we do it all the time! For example, the debate that took place in the EU after the illegal elections in Donbas was also initiated at our request. We will continue to promote the case related to the situation in Ukraine,” Czaputowicz said.

We will also talk about the situation in Ukraine at the United Nations Security Council. In addition, as early as May, the U.N. Security Council, on our proposal as a non-permanent member of the council of ministers, held a debate on the situation in Donbas. We will talk about this at a meeting of NATO foreign ministers next week, as well as at a meeting of OSCE ministers.”

“Ukraine’s question and aggression against it cannot be pushed out from the agenda. We are doing our best to keep the international community’s attention to this, as an important general problem. Poland cannot get used to what is normal.”

Source Ukrinform
date 01.12.2018
categories Ukraine and the EU
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