Political Prisoner Pavlo Hryb Needs Surgery

Meanwhile, it's emerged that Pavlo Hryb needs surgery. This was reported by his doctor Vasyl Prytula, who has been treating him since childhood


The health of 20-year-old Ukrainian political prisoner Pavlo Hryb is rapidly deteriorating. In addition to stomach pain, he now also experiences headaches. According to his father, he was diagnosed with liver cirrhosis.

“An ambulance was called during all the last three court sessions. Pavlo complained of severe stomach pain and headaches. Everyone who is present at the court sessions can see it. Only the court doesn’t. After the ambulance came and performed an anesthetic injection, the session continued,” Pavlo Hryb’s father, Ihor Hryb said.

“The number of banded neutrophils is three times the norm. This may indicate an inflammatory process or bleeding which slowly manifests itself,” professor in the pediatric surgery department at Bohomolets Medical University Vasyl Ptytula said.

Pavlo Hryb’s doctor is concerned about the results of his patient’s latest examination. Prytula has been treating Hryb since childhood. At the age of four, the boy was diagnosed with congenital portal hypertension – high blood pressure in a vein in the abdominal cavity. In 2017, Hryb was supposed to undergo shunt surgery.

”His portal vein, which leads to the liver, is affected, it’s shaped as nodes. Due to this, his blood supply was disrupted. Because blood doesn’t enter the liver, the pressure in the vessels in the food pipe, stomach, and the duodenum has increased. Bleeding can start at any moment. In addition to this, his spleen is increasing. Because of this, his blood structure is changing – it’s starting to coagulate poorly,” Ptytula said.

Ukrainian doctors can only make assumptions about what’s happening with Pavlo Hryb’s vessels and whether he has internal bleeding. His latest examination was conducted by Russian doctors at the end of January, on request of his mother and lawyers. However, the diagnostics weren’t comprehensive.

“He needs an urgent CT scan with contrast, an endoscopic examination to see what’s happening with the vessels in his food pipe, stomach, and the duodenum. Cirrhosis isn’t the worst problem. Bleeding is,” Ptytula said.

For the first six months after his detention, Pavlo Hryb didn’t take any medication. The prison where he was held didn’t allow anyone to send him medicine. His health was also affected by the abuse he suffered from Russian investigators in 2017.

“He stated in court that the testimony he gave earlier was made under pressure and torture. And considering the fact that one blow to the abdomen can cause the portal vein to break, it may have been the end,” Ihor Hryb said.

After Pavlo Hryb’s testimony, the court ordered an investigation. It’s conducted by the Russian prosecutor’s office. Hryb’s father said that the verdict can be announced in the nearest future.

The next court hearing is to be held on Feb. 18. Hryb was taken by the Russian FSB in August 2017 in the Belarusian city of Gomel. He came there to meet a girl with whom he had been chatting online. Two weeks after his disappearance, it became known that he was in prison in Krasnodar, Russia. Now he’s being held in Rostov-on-Don.

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date 12.02.2019
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