EU and NATO: Zelenskyy announced the main directions of Ukraine’s security strategy



Due to the lack of the resources, it is important for Ukraine to be a member of the international security system based on joint protection against possible threats. That is why the basic course of the state remains unchanged – to become a member of the European Union and NATO. The President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelenskyy stated this on May 11, opening the All-Ukrainian Forum “Ukraine 30. State Security “, informs UATV.

“Until recently, speaking about security, the emphasis was mistakenly on the military component. Instead, our strategy is a systematic and holistic approach to security policy. We are completing the development of documents, including on economic, informational, environmental, foreign policy and cyber security of Ukraine”, said the president. 

He noted that the security system of Ukraine is a component of the international security system, the main architects of which are the UN and NATO, as well as the regional security system, which was formed with the leading role of the European Union, NATO, OSCE and the countries of the region.

“Belonging to the mentioned high-level systems forms not only a number of close ties between its participants. It also creates conditions for maintaining interaction on resolving common security issues, and provides additional opportunities for responding to possible threats”, Volodymyr Zelenskyy.

For Ukraine, such systemic integration is an important source of compensating for the lack of resources, primarily military, economic, financial, the president said.

“That is why the development of strategic relations with key foreign partners, primarily with the EU, the Alliance and their member states, the United States, and other countries and international organizations on the basis of Ukraine’s national interests is the basis of our cooperation strategy in EU and NATO”, Zelenskyy said.

To implement this course, it is planned to achieve sufficient compatibility of the Armed Forces of Ukraine and other components of the security and defense sector with the relevant structures of the Alliance states. And receive an invitation and join the NATO Membership Action Plan.

“The implementation of the strategy’s provisions will contribute to the formation of a new system of ensuring the national security of Ukraine from the whole range of possible threats. And to guarantee, which is very important, the protection of all rights, freedoms and legitimate interests of Ukrainian citizens”, the president summed up.

date 11.05.2021
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