It’s time to force Russia to leave Ukraine – Kuleba



The position of the US President Joe Biden during a meeting with Vladimir Putin proves that Washington will be on the side of Kyiv. This was stated by Foreign Minister Dmytro Kuleba in an interview with Reuters, UA informs.

“This summit demonstrated that the United States is back, and now is the time to force Russia to withdraw from Ukraine“, – Dmytro Kuleba said.

According to the diplomat, Putin made it clear that he is not satisfied with the prospects of Ukraine’s joining NATO. However, Russia has no veto on this issue.

“The only real “red line” that Russia has is the border between the Russian Federation and Ukraine. Whatever happens beyond this border on the territory of Ukraine, in relations between Ukraine, between Ukraine and other countries and unions, it is not a matter for Russia. We shouldn’t put up with their attempts to influence these decisions. And I think that NATO has made it clear, and President Biden made it clear that Russia will not have the right to veto our state’s entry into NATO. Ukraine’s accession to NATO is a question time”, – said Kuleba.

Joe Biden and Vladimir Putin met in Geneva on June 16. Joe Biden said during a press conference that Washington will continue to support the territorial integrity and sovereignty of Ukraine.

date 18.06.2021
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