Kuleba called on the EU to increase pressure on Russia for constructiveness in the Normandy format


Photo: mfa.gov.ua

In order to induce the Russian Federation to be constructive in the frameworks of the Normandy format negotiations, it is necessary to increase pressure on it from international partners. This was announced on May 7, by Foreign Minister Dmytro Kuleba during a joint briefing with the Foreign Ministers of Belgium, the Netherlands and Luxembourg, the UATV reports.

Kuleba noted that the Normandy format continues to function, although Ukraine is striving to make it more effective.

“New Normandy format requires the consent of all the participants, that is, first of all, Russia. If it is impossible to change the structure of the format, then we call on our friends and partners to help us, as well as France and Germany, to put pressure on Russia so that it acts constructively in the Normandy format”, the Foreign Minister said.

Dmytro Kuleba said that the Russian Federation could carry out a “slow annexation” of the Azov Sea.

date 07.05.2021
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