Restraining Russian aggression is one of the bases of Ukraine’s national security, Zelenskyy said



On May 11, the forum “Ukraine 30. State Security” started in Ukraine and will last for three days. This forum was opened by President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelenskyy, who, in particular, named the basic principles of national security of Ukraine, the correspondent of the UATV reports.

According to him, the security issue is the main condition for the existence of the state and its independence, and the Russian aggression against Ukraine is only evidence of this.

“The interdependence and connection of political, military, social, economic, energy, environmental, cyber threats have changed our understanding of the system of global, regional, national and personal human security. We developed and in September 2020 I approved a strategy for national security and defense. For the first time, it was based on high social values ​​- a person, his life, health, honor, dignity, inviolability and security. The highest priority of the state is the restoration of peace, sovereignty and territorial integrity of Ukraine”, the President said.

According to Zelenskyy, the strategy is based on 3 main principles: containment, stability and interaction.

“First of all, we continue to restrain Russian aggression and strengthen our combat potential. Like any civilized country, Ukraine does not want to war, but for peace we have a strong and efficient army, because it is a guarantee of stability, a guarantee of peace”, he stressed.

Ukraine’s priorities are to strengthen defense and security capabilities, as well as to increase international pressure on the aggressor.

“The implementation of deterrence is linked to the quality of national resilience – it is to ensure the readiness of the state and society to respond to any threats. The development of the concept of a national resilience system is now being finalized. It provides for ensuring the basic requirements of NATO, in particular regarding the continuity of management and the provision of critical public services, sustainable energy supply, an effective response to the uncontrolled movement of large number of people, response to mass casualties, sustainable systems of civil communication and civil transport”, – explained the head of state.

To implement the policy of cooperation, Ukraine has formed a system of national security, which is based on interconnected state and non-state institutions, civil society and citizens.

date 11.05.2021
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