Russia will double the number of troops on the border – OP


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Russia continues to pull its troops to the Ukrainian border, and soon their number may double. This was announced by the Deputy Head of the Office of the President Roman Mashovets during a meeting with the Ambassador of Sweden Tobias Thyberg, informs UATV with reference to the Office of the President.

The deputy head of the OP drew attention to the accumulation of military forces by Russia along the Ukrainian borders, as a result of which their number should soon double, as well as to the aggravation of the situation by the Russian side in eastern Ukraine and its violation of the ceasefire.

In addition, he noted the importance of coordinated actions at the international level to prevent an escalation of the situation and hold Russia accountable for its military actions.

“If Russia refuses the proposed reasonable solutions, then we and the whole international community will see who is to blame for the destabilization of the situation”, Mashovets said.

It is reported that the deputy head of the OP drew attention to the unwillingness of the Russian side to fulfill the previously reached agreements and adhere to the course for a peaceful settlement of the conflict.

Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dmytro Kuleba said that the West realizes that Russia is raising the stakes, so Ukraine can count on the support of partners.

date 13.04.2021
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