Zelenskyy on the results of the meeting with the German Chancellor


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President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelenskyy said that he is pleased with the meeting with German Chancellor Angela Merkel.

He said this during a press conference at the forum “Ukraine 30. Humanitarian Policy”, UA informs.

According to him, the meeting lasted more than 4 hours.

“It consisted of two parts. The first part was tête-a- tête. And in the second part, after communicating with the press, we talked about important things in detail. I am glad that we managed to have a common understanding after the meeting that I came to address security issues. Every issue, starting with Donbas and ending with the issue of Nord Stream 2, is a part of maintaining security in Europe, and for us, first of all, it is security in Ukraine. We have different views on Nord Stream 2. There will be a meeting between the Chancellor and President Biden, they will discuss what Nord Stream 2 will bring, what it will bring to Europe and what it will bring separately to Ukraine, how to guarantee energy security for the citizens of Ukraine. And so that we do not lose from this “Nord Stream-2″, if it is completed, it will be put into operation. Today there is a lot of talk about the law on oligarchs. It is very important for me. Everyone is paying attention to this topic. And we also talked about this” – the president said.

The head of state noted the importance of holding a meeting of the Normandy Four.

“Everyone sees that the Normandy meeting is postponed today. Because the clusters on the practical implementation of the Minsk process developed by the German party are agreed by France, and we support them as well – they were submitted to the Russian party. And everyone sees that the Normandy meeting is postponed due to the position of the Russian Federation. I proved that we do our best to make the meeting in the Normandy format. We did everything to ensure that the Russian side also fulfilled all the points of the agreements of December 2019 at the meeting of the “Normandy Four” – the President explained.

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date 13.07.2021
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