Poroshenko Commended EU on Decision to Extend Russian Sanctions

Ukrainian President Poroshenko commended the EU’s decision to extend economic and sectoral sanctions against Russia


Photo President Poroshenko Website

“It is symbolic that on the eve of Christmas and New Year the EU Council has decided to extend the economic and sectoral sanctions against Russia for its aggression in Donbas,” Poroshenko noted on his Facebook page according to his press office.

“During the negotiations in the European Council last week, I believed that the pro-Ukrainian unity in the EU remains unwavering and the price of aggression will continue to grow for the Kremlin,” the he said said, recalling his recent visit to the institutions of the European Union in Brussels and the meeting with the leadership of the EU and NATO.

“However, the real battle is still ahead, as the Kremlin is actively preparing for the next electoral year, namely, attempts at revenge in Ukraine and creation of a Europe of alternative values,” he warned.

“We have to strengthen our unity and solidarity for  the sake of peace and security on the European continent,” Poroshenko summarized.

Source president.gov.ua
date 22.12.2018
categories Ukraine and the EU
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