Poroshenko Makes Case for EU/NATO Amendments to Constitution

Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko makes the case for votes in Parliament to pass Constitutional amendments that will secure a path to both EU and NATO membership


Photo President Poroshenko Press Office


Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko is convinced that the people’s deputies will support the final adoption of the bill on the consolidation of the course of Ukraine’s accession to the European Union and NATO in the Constitution. This was reported by his Press Office.

“I am optimistic about the amendments to the Constitution. I am confident that the country is capable of taking away any contradictions, even in the context of the electoral process. And I hope that the day after tomorrow, the Verkhovna Rada will support in the second reading the amendments to the Constitution, which oblige the Ukrainian authorities to ensure Ukraine’s accession to the two powerful international alliances [the EU and NATO],” Poroshenko said during a speech at the annual meeting of the members of the American Chamber of Commerce in Ukraine.

Poroshenko called on the people’s deputies to make the right choice on this issue.

“I was advised not to mention the voting today, which the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine will carry out on Thursday, this week, but I want to appeal again to everyone, emphasizing how important it is,” he added.

Poroshenko said that his optimism was based on the preliminary vote, when the amendments to the Basic Law were supported by 300 people’s deputies.

“Unfortunately, some political forces today announce their intention to change [their] point of view, abstain from voting, because they are hindered by tariffs or anything … Friends, we need to think globally. We must understand the strategy of development of our state,” Poroshenko emphasized.

“It is possible that Russia will intensify efforts to disrupt that. But just as it has not happened in the past four and a half years, I hope it will not happen now. And this moment of truth will show the price of each politician and each political force. And I am sure that the unity and work of Ukrainians have refuted any expectations of our northern neighbor, any pessimistic forecasts. And I am convinced and firmly believe in our victory,” the Head of State emphasized.

Poroshenko also mentioned that a day before, on one of the TV broadcasts, he had expressed the opinion that the voting would work as a military system of “friend-or-foe” recognition “for every people’s deputy, for every politician, for every Ukrainian.”

Source president.gov.ua
date 06.02.2019
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