Poroshenko Reiterates His Support for Zelenskyi, Says Elections Show Ukraine a True Democracy

The outgoing President of Ukraine spoke to reporters in Brussels about the free and fair elections in Ukraine


Photo Mikhail Palinchak


President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko stressed that the presidential elections had been fair and democratic, and the whole world had recognized their results. The decision regarding inauguration and entry into office of the new President depends on the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine. This was stated by Poroshenko during a meeting with journalists during his working visit to Brussels.

“Today, the ball is in the court of the Parliament. I would like the Parliament to determine the date of the inauguration as soon as possible. And on my part there will be only support for Mr. Zelensky’s prompt entry into office,” Poroshenko said.

He also noted that a separate statement was made on possible early parliamentary elections.

“On the one hand, the politician must always be ready for the elections. I do not see any problem here. On the other hand, democracy is a procedure. And everything must be in line with the constitutional and legislative procedure,” Poroshenko emphasized.

“Today, it is necessary for the Parliament to find a solution in the framework of the Constitution and legislation that would accede to the requests of the people, the elected President, and secure the protection of democracy and the constitutional process,” he summed up.

Poroshenko emphasized the high level of the presidential elections recognized by all of the international partners of Ukraine.

“I think that this position is absolutely transparent. I am proud of the fact that under my leadership free democratic elections were organized and recognized by the whole world as the most democratic,” he stressed.

He also noted that a new tradition was laid down in Ukraine: “The tradition is that immediately after the announcement of the exit polls, I congratulated Volodymyr Zelenskyi and offered him any support or advice in case he needs them.”

He also stressed that the Central Election Commission “flawlessly conducted the counting of votes” in the terms defined by the Ukrainian legislation, which provide for the term for appeal, the term for filing and consideration of relevant complaints.

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date 14.05.2019
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