Poroshenko Says He Will Work to Keep Presidential Elections Fair and Transparent

Poroshenko: I will do my best to ensure that the choice of Ukrainians is protected


Photo Mykola Lazarenko


On Ukraine TV, Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko stressed that he would do everything possible to protect the choice of Ukrainians and ensure free, fair and transparent presidential elections.

“As President, I emphasize that the elections should be free. The expression of the citizens’ will must be protected. The elections must be fair. There should be inevitable criminal liability for the fact of bribery, for the buying of votes. The position of the President – we will firmly defend the will of the citizens,” Poroshenko said.

He noted that law enforcement officers had already detained people and seized funds illegally used by some candidates in the election campaign.

“I will support it regardless of the political force of those who try to discredit the confidence of the world, to discredit Ukrainians’ confidence in the elections,”he said.

Poroshenko also pointed out the threat from Russia and its desire to cause disruptions to the electoral process.

“They really want bloodshed. Realizing that their pro-Russian representatives will not win the elections, they can direct their efforts to disrupt the elections. I emphasize that there will be a strict requirement for the law enforcement agencies to protect the elections, to stop extremists, to prevent the bloodshed. And I want to assure our Ukrainian citizens that I will make every effort to protect the constitutional rights and freedoms of the citizens,” Poroshenko said.

Source president.gov.ua
date 23.03.2019
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