Poroshenko Stresses Importance of Free and Open Elections

Poroshenko: Elections must be in line with the European political culture and bring us closer to the EU

Photo Mikhail Palinchak


During the speech at the “Open Dialogue” Forum, Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko emphasized the importance of strict adherence to the standards of fair elections, as well as to the letter and spirit of the electoral law. This was reported by his Press Office.

“The elections should be fully in line with the European political culture and bring us closer to the European Union. They are also part of our European and Euro-Atlantic strategy. Elections are our responsible test on our way to the EU and NATO. I am convinced that we will pass this test perfectly,” Poroshenko said.

“Ukraine is on its own way. Its own development path is the liberation from colonial dependence on Russia, a consistent course towards membership in the EU and NATO and self-reliance. It is a decisive rebuff to Russia’s plans to destroy Ukraine’s independence. It is the defense of our national interests,” he emphasized.

“Ukraine is one of the largest European countries, rich in resources, with a unique geostrategic position. We can use all this potential for the benefit of the entire Ukrainian people and every Ukrainian only if we are free and independent. Because the will is above all for Ukrainians,” Poroshenko summed up.

Source UATV
date 10.02.2019
categories Politics
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