Barista Prepares for World Championship

Two months are left until the World Barista Championship. Pavlo Spitsyn from Kyiv is preparing to represent Ukraine in the competition. The championship will be in Boston, Massachusetts. Every year, more than 50 countries participate


Weighing, pouring and grinding coffee beans to perfection. Barista Pavlo Spitsyn has practiced these routines hundreds of times. This year, he is representing Ukraine at the World Barista Championship.

”I devote all the free time I have. Literally, all of it. Every day I come up with new ideas, plans, and new thoughts pop up. I figure out what to do and how to do it, what to buy, what to order, and which boards to choose. I mean, it’s all day all night,” Spitsyn said.

Spitsyn made his first professional cup of coffee five years ago. Back then, his friend offered him a part-time job at a coffee shop, while he was still studying at university. Spitsyn liked the job and kept working as a barista after graduation. Now, he is the best in the country. His friend, Renat Mamatkazin, who represented Ukraine in Seaol in 2017, offered Spitsyn the job five years ago. Now he’s helping prepare Spitsyn.

”We started training for the championship three months prior to the event. First of all, we’ve prepared the presentation, translated and adapted it to English. We are also ordering the tableware and other accessories, and coming up with the concept as a whole,” Mamatkazin said.

Every participant has 15 minutes to present their skills. The barista has to make and present 12 drinks of three categories within this time frame. They include espresso, coffee with milk and signature drinks.

“We are bringing our own roaster, so we are able to roast the coffee ourselves. We take all our inventory and tableware with us. Even the tables, we are bringing everything needed for the presentation with us. The organizers only provide basic equipment – the coffee machine, and the grinder,” Spitsyn said.

“We are currently working on choosing our beans. This is the basis of the presentation. When you use really good beans, and you’re sure they’re the ones – only then, can you reach heights,” Mamatkazin said.

Spitsyn is going to El Salvador and Honduras to select the coffee he’ll use during the world championship. The world barista championship will take place in Boston, Massachusetts, this April.

Source UATV
date 12.02.2019
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