Protesters in Paris Attack Government Office

50,000 people France have participated in the protests local authorities estimate

Photo AP

The Yellow Vests protests continue in Paris. Now they’ve turned into mass riots.

French police evacuated government spokesman Benjamin Griveaux from his Left Bank office at the Ministry for Parliamentary Relations after the front door of his building was partially destroyed.

The clashes began after demonstrators departed from the route agreed on earlier. During the rallies they burned several cars. Police officers used water cannons and flashlight grenades, the Associated Press reported.

“It wasn’t me who was attacked. It was the institutions, the democratic form of government,” Griveaux said later in an interview to a French TV channel. He and a half-dozen of his colleagues were taken out a back door while a group attacked the front door with construction equipment, he said.

According to local authorities, on Jan. 5, about 50,000 people have participated in the protests. In Paris, law enforcement officers counted almost 3,500 protesters.

This is the first such attack on state facilities since protests began in the middle of November.

Source The Associated Press
date 06.01.2019
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