Prymachenko Artistic Dynasty

A new exhibition is open in Kyiv displaying works from Maria, Fedir, and Ivan Prymachenko

The Prymachenko family is now a dynasty of Ukrainian artists. An exhibition featuring around 50 works by Maria Prymachenko, her son Fedir, and grandson Ivan, opened in Kyiv.

Ivan Prymachenko said that since childhood, he would watch his grandmother work and he helped create some of her final paintings as her eyesight deteriorated. He says that his grandmother’s special worldview was passed onto to him – along with her genes.

“Sometimes, I paint without thinking. My hand does it on its own. If you live and work with a person, their style will pass along to you, whether you want it or not,” he said.

His father, Fedir Prymachenko was a second teacher. He was also a decorative painter and a forester – and attempted to create a unique artistic style.

“You can’t say that it’s naive art, like Maria’s and Ivan’s. It’s more like a decorative painting. I’m surprised that as Maria’s son, he distanced himself so much from her art. He borrowed some things. But you can tell that he was a forester and drew a lot from nature,” Anastasia Prymachenko, great-granddaughter of Marya Prymachenko and head of the Artistic Heritage of Maria Prymachenko’s Family charitable foundation said.

The exhibition of Prymachenko art, put together by the ‘Ukrinform’ news agency in Kyiv, also features original double-sided paintings created by Maria Prymachenko 50 years ago as illustrations for an unpublished children’s book. This is the first time that the artist’s family has made these works public.

“Maria Prymachenko helps the world discover Ukraine. Because when the world sees these works, people understand that Ukraine is not only about Chornobyl, war, Donbas, Crimea, and problems with reforming the country. It’s also about fantastic people!” Ukrinform Director General Oleksandr Kharchenko said.

With funds from the family’s charitable foundation,  Anastasia Prymachenko plans to create a museum and showcase the works of all the members of the Prymachenko family.

Source UATV
date 16.03.2019
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