Pysanky, Traditional Ukrainian Easter Eggs, from Lublin

In Poland, an artist creates very special eggs for Easter by carving on their shells - pysanky. Pysanky is a unique traditional Ukrainian kind of art


Based in the Polish city of Lublin, this former jewelry shop worker transforms blown-out goose eggs into intricately carved ornaments, known as ‘pysanky.’ Sylwia Krason-Nowinska crafts her pysanky with the help of whirring dentist’s drills on blown-out goose eggs. What started off as a hobby, has now become a full-time business for the artist.

“The idea for carving Easter eggs in this way was born about four years ago. It was the time I first held a blown out goose egg in my hand, and I simply fell in love with it. I fell in love with it because it was so light, because it was snow-white, and because it was delicate. So it is simply what I like the most while carving these Easter eggs. Most of all, I like drawing out the delicacy from the blown egg shells,” artist Sylwia Krason-Nowinska said.

Pysanky is an ornamented egg, used as decorations during Easter in Poland. Krason-Nowinska carves each eggshell, giving it a unique pattern and texture before painting her designs by hand. She adorns pysanky with colored jewels, pearls and Swarovski crystals. Working with such delicate materials is not without its difficulties, as the shells are very thin and prone to breaking.

“Perhaps my biggest challenge when carving the Easter eggs is working on the design, especially doing three-dimensional and transparent designs, so the Easter egg stays together and doesn’t break,” Krason-Nowinska said.

She also finishes her designs with scented beeswax, giving customers a pleasant surprise when they receive their egg and find it smelling of oranges or vanilla.

“Many people are surprised that my Easter eggs are scented. After opening the box, often they notice a fragrance in the air and people are wondering where that scent came from. It’s only after they smell the Easter egg they are completely amazed that it could be the Easter egg which smells of oranges, vanilla or other scents,” she added.

She is not the only one creating works of art from eggs, as she is a member of the World Egg Artists Association, which unites people from around the world creating egg-shaped artworks.

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date 20.04.2019
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