Queen Elizabeth Marks Birthday

The queen's actual birthday is April 21


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It was all the pomp and pageantry you would expect to celebrate the official birthday of Queen Elizabeth. Members of the British Royal Family including Prince Harry and his wife Meghan, attended a parade called the “Trooping of the Color.”

The 93-year-old queen of England has two birthdays, her actual birthday, celebrated with family on April 21 and then the official birthday, celebrated today.

This year, the parade featured more than 1,400 soldiers in ceremonial scarlet coats and bearskin hats, nearly 300 horses and 400 musicians,

The ceremony originated from traditional preparations for battle.

The colors – or flags – were “trooped,” or carried down the lines of soldiers, so they could be seen and recognized in battle. Thousands of spectators lined the parade ground and gathered in nearby St. James’s Park to watch the spectacle.

After the Trooping of the Color parade, the Royal Family headed back to Buckingham Palace.

They gathered on the balcony to watch the RAF flypast. Prince Louis, the son of Prince William, and the Duchess of Cambridge waved to spectators below – and the planes flying above.

More than 20 aircraft took part, with the Red Arrows flying past the palace in formation.

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