Rally for MH17 Victims in Vienna

Participants called for justice


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The Ukrainian diaspora in Vienna and Ukraine’s friends from other countries held a rally in memory of MH17 victims outside the building of the OSCE headquarters in Vienna, Ukrinform reported.

“Today we gathered to recall a terrible disaster that occurred five years ago in the sky over Donetsk region. We should not allow this tragedy caused by Russian militants to go into oblivion. All the perpetrators – those who shot and their commanders in the Russian armed forces and directly the Kremlin leadership – must be brought to justice. The world should not forget that Russia kills,” said Rostyslav Bortnyk, the organizer of the rally and a member of the Ukrainian Youth Association in Austria.

He said the rally was artistic and political.

“We would like to react more to acute political events using the language of art and modern trends. This is why this rally, similar to a flashmob, was conducted as part of the project ‘Art for Memory’,” he said.

Rostyslav, an architect by occupation, made a cardboard plane symbolizing the Malaysia Airlines Boeing 777 shot down by a Russian Buk missile. The participants in the flashmob put the aircraft close to the entrance to the OSCE headquarters, where representatives of the delegations of the participating countries were gathering for a meeting of the Forum for Security Cooperation.

The plane contained the inscription “Russia Kills,” hashtags #MH17, #298, as well as the number of victims according to their citizenship and the number of Ukrainians who have died in the conflict with the Russian aggressor since the beginning of the war in 2014 – 13,000 people.

A two-meter aircraft with the inscription “MH17” attracted the attention of both tourists and foreign diplomats in the OSCE, who came up to learn more about the rally and take a photo. Activists also handed over to passers-by leaflets with information about the crash and recently published results of the international investigation into the tragedy.

In addition, the national flags of countries whose citizens died in the plane crash, as well as the flag of Ukraine were unfolded.

Ihor Lossovsky, Ukraine’s Deputy Permanent Representative to International Organizations in Vienna, talked to the rally participants and thanked them for their active civic position. According to him, during today’s meeting of the Forum for Security Cooperation, the Ukrainian delegation will inform foreign colleagues in detail about Russia’s involvement in this tragedy.

“We actively raise this issue at OSCE meetings, and today we again, in detail and with a presentation, will tell how the Russian side tried and is still trying to reject the responsibility for the tragedy, despite all the facts established by the international investigation,” he said.

July 17, 2019, marks the fifth anniversary of the shooting down of Malaysia Airlines flight MH17, en route from Amsterdam to Kuala Lumpur. There were 283 passengers and 15 crew members on board the plane. All of them died.

Source Ukrinform
date 17.07.2019
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