Rally in Support of Poroshenko

Outgoing president Petro Poroshenko lost the election to comedian Volodymyr Zelenskyi on Sunday


A rally in support of Petro Poroshenko was held outside the presidential administration building in Kyiv.

The gathering, organized on social media, attracted hundreds of people, many of them young and carrying Ukrainian flags. They wanted to thank the incumbent president for his achievements including the granting of the visa-free regime, Tomos and the decentralization reform.

“We came here to thank the best, as we think, President of modern independent Ukraine,” one participant said.

“We are very grateful for what he did despite this whole war and the crisis in Ukraine, and non-existent economy he inherited from Yanukovych, and we love him. Petro Poroshenko, we love you!” another said.

Source UATV
date 24.04.2019
categories News releases, Politics
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