Rapid Trident-2019: Ukrainian and Moldovan Militaries Work Out Emergency Evacuation

Rapid Trident 2019 runs through September 28, 2019 in western Ukraine


Photos by the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine


In the course of the international military drills Rapid Trident-2019, Ukrainian soldiers exercised together with colleagues from Moldova, the press service of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine reported here in English and here in Ukrainian.

Instructors from Ukraine trained colleagues to carry out emergency evacuation using the Adapter M1 set of removable onboard equipment.

“Significantly, such practice is an important element in the course of military education of units. Thanks to the knowledge and expertise of Ukrainian helicopter pilots and instructors of the 3rd ‘Prince Svyatoslav the Brave’ regiment of the special forces, training underwent at the high professional standard and in compliance with all security measures,” captain of Moldovan Armed Forces Nikolai Vesco said.



“We are always ready to share our experience in accomplishing of the specific multifaceted tasks. Each instructor has been trained according to NATO standards. Including accessible teaching of any topic related to our military specialty,” said a PAO for the 3rd Separate SOF Regiment, Bohdan Tarasov.


“I would like to emphasize that holding such a training is an important element in the preparation of units,” said an officer of the Armed Forces of the Republic of Moldova, Captain Nikolai Vesko.

Due to the experience and skill of Ukrainian helicopter pilots and instructors of the 3rd Separate SOF Regiment, the trainings were conducted at a high level and with all safety measures.



Military personnel from 14 NATO members along with the Ukrainian military are taking part in the Rapid Trident-2019 exercises, which are being held from September 13, 2019 until September 28, 2019 in Ukraine.

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date 18.09.2019
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