Real.Ukraine: UATV Launches Series of Vlogs for Independence Day

The series debunks Russian propaganda about Ukraine from people who live in Ukraine


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Ukraine continues to be one of the main topics on Russian TV. In the information encounter, the pro-Kremlin media resort to dirty tricks: manipulation, the spread of propaganda narratives and fakes.

For the upcoming Independence Day of Ukraine, UATV correspondents puzzled out the most common Russian propagandistic myths and decided to launch a vlog cycle to debunk the most popular of them.

“The aggression of Russia against Ukraine has been running on for more than 5 years. And the information attacks from the Russian side started much earlier. A huge (and very well-funded) propaganda machine works against us. Lots of myths about Ukraine have appeared as a result of its work in the information space. They are dangerous due to their alleged conventionality so that no one would check them. But these stories either opposed facts completely or deliberately distort them. And this is something that can be and should be fought. One has just to dig a little bit deeper, to carry out primary fact-checking — and the myths crumble under the weight of their own absurdity,” Olena Khomenko, Head of the Department of Translators and Editors of the English Broadcasting Office, said.

According to her, the goal of the Real.Ukraine series is to give a foreign audience a wider understanding of Ukrainian realities.

“Was the Ukrainian language invented artificially in the 19 century (or as a dialect of the Russian language)? Of course not. And we can prove it. Only Western Ukrainians fight on the front line in Donbas? Again, no. There are facts that refute this. Has Ukraine only been a state for only 28 years? Not so, there are numbers that prove different,” Khomenko said.

One of the key themes of the Kremlin media is that the ‘civil war’ has been ongoing in Ukraine for five years already and the statement of the absence of Russian soldiers in Donbas has already become a kind of meme. Real.Ukraine starts off with the dispersion of this myth. UATV journalists assembled already well-known evidence and facts of the presence of the regular army of the Russian Federation in Donbas.

It is known that the Kremlin appropriates history as a propaganda tool. In particular, the Russian Federation appropriates the history of Kievan Rus, talking about “native Russian land,” or that “Russia is the successor to Rus.”

UATV correspondents decided to devote a separate story to this issue telling how Russia deliberately rewrote history order to prove that Russia appeared before Ukraine.

Among other topics, particularly stressed by the Russian media, there is the so-called “the question of the Ukrainian language.” Namely, that Ukrainian is allegedly a Russian dialect and is not a separate language.

“I believe that language is a part of politics. Take, for example, Russia, Putin, Donbas and the ‘defense of the Russian-speaking population’ […] It was not the first time when our ‘elder brother’ scattered such ridiculous excuses. The Russian Empire used the term ‘Minor Rus’ to label us for centuries, suppressing identity, falsifying history, generating endless myths,” UATV journalist Natalia Chekotun said.

“The so-called ‘artificial invention’ of the Ukrainian language courtesy of Kotlyarevsky, has been placed in 1794. In order to debunk this myth, we simply came to Saint Sophia Cathedral of Kyiv, where walls preserve more than 7,000 graffiti marks from the 11th-century, indicating that Ukrainian was the language of everyday speech in Rus. An inscription left by “Volodymyr,” not “Vladimir.”

In addition, UATV regional correspondents also dispelled a myth of war in Mariupol, that only separatists live there, tourists not going there. But Lviv correspondents have shown that Russian-speaking people are respected there.

“We are tired of constant lies about us and our history from the mouths of Russian propagandists. They are trying to persuade the whole world that they know better about Ukraine than we, Ukrainians. They steal our history, distort reality,” senior producer of the week Taisia ​​Turchyn said.

Each topic was chosen familiar to each journalist. The main thing we want to say to the world is: “Here we are! We live here —and we know better what is happening!”

Watch the new Real.Ukraine series from August 19, 2019 to August 23, 2019 on UATV. Or watch the videos on the UATV YouTube channel if UATV is not available in your area.

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