reDISCOVERing_UA: UATV Launches Series About Ukrainian Diaspora

On April 8, the series “reDISCOVERing_UA”, devoted to representatives of the Ukrainian diaspora, will be launched on the UATV international TV channel

“The heroes of our stories are so-called expats. These are people who have Ukrainian roots and their ancestors emigrated for one reason or another. As a rule, this is due to the persecution of the Second World War, Soviet repression,” UATV correspondent Natalya Chekotun said.

“By telling these stories, we tried to break the stereotype that Ukraine is not attractive for Ukrainians and foreigners. In fact, many people return to their homeland from abroad, build a successful career here, implement various projects,” she said.

The series consists of 5 separate stories.

“There are heroes whose ancestors never returned to their homeland from emigration. However, they knew Ukrainian traditions, language and culture and passed on this knowledge to their children, and later to their grandchildren,”  Chekotun said.

“That’s exactly what grandmother and grandfather did.  UATV channel our colleagues, who also told his incredible story. Having been born and living abroad for some time, he danced gopak since he was nine-years-old. And now he has been successfully engaged in Ukraine’s journalism, implementing his own projects,” she said.

One of the stories tells the story of a volunteer, a military physician from the United States who has been in more than 20 hot spots in the world.

In 2012, he moved to Ukraine and went to the Maidan. Actually, for this he returned. And then, from the very beginning of the Russian aggression in the east of Ukraine, he organized a detachment of tactical medicine in the Donbas, taught our military medics, and was engaged in charity. His ancestors come from Western Ukraine. He lives in Ukraine, implementing projects thorough Ukraine, particularly in rural areas. And this is not only medicine. For example, English language courses for veterans, environmental initiatives, etc.

“Ukraine is going through a complicated but dynamic process of development and recovery,” Chekotun said.

“It stimulates the realization of its initiatives and represents them in the world. I hope that our stories not only tell the interesting fates of Ukrainians but also inspire someone to search and knowledge of their distinguished ancestors, the study of pedigrees,” she said.

The series “reDISCOVERing_UA” starts from April 8 to April 12 during Russian and English news broadcasts.

Source UATV
date 05.04.2019
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