Restoring Trostyanets Through Community Empowerment | Special From Toronto

Here is another great effort for decentralization, through the example of Trostyanets amalgamated territorial community, in the Sumy Region of Ukraine. Yuriy Buva, the Head of the Trostynets Community told us about how decentralization reform has impacted his region


The 18-month-old Trostyanets amalgamated community, which is made up of the city of Trostyanets and four villages, has already seen a lot of improvements since its formation- including a repaired rehabilitation center, a repaired city library, football field, and city park.

In total, the amalgamated community or “hromada” has repaired or rehabilitated 19 objects of social and cultural significance, Yuriy Bova, the head of the Trostyanets hromada said at the Ukraine Reform Conference in Toronto.

The initial plan for the amalgamated community – which is in the Slobozhanshyna historical region, and which has seven large enterprises in the agricultural and timber industries operating there – was to bring up the economy of the territory, Bova said.

“A lot of functions such as the management of schools, medical and sports centers were carried out by the (amalgamated community’s) District Administration, and the community. It was a matter of pride to properly manage these properties and assets,” Buva said.

The community had just ₴26 million (about $1 million) of its own revenues, but now the budget is almost ₴100 million (about $3.8 million). And the more people are getting employed within the community, the higher the budget is.

“So the reform is a very good impetus to the community. As the law was passed, we offered the rural areas, which are located next to our town, to amalgamate all of them. ‘Let us change the country.’ And only two villages canceled the offer,” Buva said.

“People have to exercise pressure of the council’s Heads and Heads of villages,” Buva said, explaining why some villages refused the offer to amalgamate.

A further development for the Trostyanets hromada is in public transportation. Some 86,000 passengers have carried out guaranteed free-of-charge trips, using public transportation facility, carried out by the community.

According to Buva, now the community is repairing the city clinic, using money from its own budget.

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date 07.07.2019
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