Robo-Rock Musicians, Fried Eggs, Explosions and Much More at Dnipro Tech Fest

Festival-goers in Dnipro saw robots playing metal music



At the Interpipe TechFest, a large-scale technology festival in Dnipro, festivalgoers enjoyed German rock music, only instead of human musicians, it was robots rocking out

Thanks to a group of German inventors, four tons of metal avoided landfill and were instead transformed into robot rock stars.

The six “rock musicians,” each had their own story. The bass player used to be composed of parts from an industrial sausage line. The drummer in his recent past – had partly been a ship painting machine.

“One of them is such a slim guy, he actively moves and really gets into the music. The second guy he’s the frontman – and a macho. They all have different characteristics, and this makes them popular,” engineer Marcus Kolb said.

“It is very dynamic when they go out and play music. It is real metal. And you can feel it. They have a character – a character made from steel,” engineer Stock Plam said.

In another pavilion, visitors were entertained by other kinds of robots. While some were waist-high, others were taller than 2 meters. They carried out commands and communicated with festival-goers.

When not enjoying the music, visitors could go watch eggs get fried in a rather unusual way.

A kettlebell launched a skate, which pushed balls, which rolled down to set a weather vane in motion, the latter which turned on a tape recorder. One after another, 60 consecutive actions followed, with the final step –  fried eggs.

And if that long chain of events wasn’t exciting enough- visitors could also go see a controlled explosion in a field.  Using water and carbide, some chemists demonstrated how jet engines work.

“It was good practice, in principle, everything was spectacular, everything was very loud. We’re happy with the results,” student Anatolii Petriichuk said.

Source UATV
date 21.10.2019
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