Robotic Barista

The robot makes an average of 300 beverages a day, its owner said


It’s a barista that doesn’t require a salary or a social security package. Nor does it go on vacation or breaks. In fact, it doesn’t even breath. It’s a robot. On average, in the course of a working day, a robotic arm in Dnipro is making and selling 300 cups of coffee.

The robot was developed by specialists from Ukraine, Belarus, South Korea, and Germany.

“It’s tasty. The cappuccino is just like any other cappuccino. Everything happens quickly and it’s very convenient,” one customer said of their beverage.

Orders are made using a touchscreen. The barista-bot springs into action and puts a cup into the coffee machine. Ninety seconds later the customer has the hot drink of their choice.

Right now there is one barista-bot drawing crowds at one of Dnipro’s shopping malls. The business owner said that three more will be selling coffee in the near future.

Source UATV
date 10.04.2019
categories News releases, Technologies
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