Roman Sushchenko Art Shown in Warsaw

Ukrainian journalist Roman Suschenko's artwork has been showcased as part of an exhibition titled "Art From Behind Bars" in Warsaw. At least 20 works were created by the Ukrainian in a jail cell in a detention center in Moscow


A ballpoint pen, onion peel, beetroot juice, tea, and laundry detergent. These are what Ukrainian political prisoner Roman Sushchenko uses to create art behind bars in Russia. His drawings mostly consist of landscapes.

“I was amazed at the quality of these drawings. This was done by a man with a strong character and a will for freedom and life. I think this exhibition will give and should give us inspiration in order to fight until we win. I think it will be an additional incentive and a clear example of more and more people supporting Ukraine and those who will fight for the release of Roman and all political prisoners,” Ukrainian Ambassador to Poland Andriy Deshchytsia said.

“This is a symbolic release of Sushchenko from prison because these are very good pictures, they are very impressive, they are beautiful. I believe that his cry of freedom will reach the Polish people and the world,” Head of the Polish Journalists Association Krzysztof Skowronski said.

Roman’s daughter Yulia was one of the guests at the opening of the exhibition of her father’s works in Warsaw. With her, she brought a picture of St. Nicholas Cathedral in Kyiv, drawn with a pen and kissel. It was showcased for the first time.

“This is another opportunity to remind society outside of Ukraine, about the fate of the people, about the fate of other political prisoners. The fact is that you need to unite and be aware of our captured Ukrainians,” Yuliya Sushchenko said.

Roman Sushchenko is held in the Kirovo-Chepetsk penal colony. He was detained in Moscow by the Russian FSB in Sep. 2016 and accused of espionage. Ukraine believes the accusations to be fabricated. Last June, Moscow’s City Court sentenced Sushchenko to 12 years in prison.

The first exhibition of Roman’s artworks was held in Kyiv last year. Later – at the Press Club Brussels. On Friday, the drawings will be showcased in Paris.

Source UATV
date 13.02.2019
categories News releases, Prisoners of Kremlin
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