Rubiks! Cubes! Go! International Rubik’s Cube Tournament in Kyiv

An international Rubik's Cube Tournament was held in Kyiv. Some 300 participants from Ukraine and other countries attended the record-breaking event


Rubik’s Cube enthusiasts met with their idols and challenged their skills at a record-breaking tournament.

The Rubik’s Cube Festival, which was held for the fifth time, had a record number of participants — 300 people, both from Ukraine and abroad.

One of them, 13-year-old Nazar, was at the tournament for the third time. He’d first been inspired by the puzzle a few years ago, after watching a video on Youtube. Now he spends a lot of time perfecting his technique.

“I can sit down after lunch or come back from school and assemble the cube through the evening. It never gets old. It is fascinating quality time that is always great. I have a big collection, but new cubes appear and I want to collect them all, so I would have them,” he said.

Hungarian sculptor, Erne Rubik, invented this cube-shaped puzzle 45 years ago. Now there are many variations in shape. This puzzle develops fine motor skills, memory, and spatial thinking. The toy became one of the favorite puzzles of young and old all around the world, and the so-called Speedcubing became a real sport.

“Speedcubing is a unique thing, unlike ordinary puzzle solving. An ordinary person might see it as impossible. For example, assembling the cube with your eyes tied. Or assembling with the minimal number of turns. Or assembling the cube with your feet. It might seem as fooling around, but it needs serious training and studying algorithms,” the festival organizer, Yevhen Mirapolsky said.

Record holders can assemble the cube in less than four seconds. Oleksandra wants to do the same, but so far her best result is 18 seconds. Assembling the cube faster requires knowing techniques and algorithms.

“This algorithm is called Friedrich. You have to learn around 120 algorithms. They are all divided into four to five stages. First, you assemble across, then two layers. You make the top layer yellow and then put everything into place,” she said.

The Kyiv tournament included assembling the cube while blindfolded, and workshops hosted by champions.


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date 04.11.2019
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