Russia-controlled Crimean Court Leaves 5 captured sailors under arrest

"Judge" refused to appeal by all Ukrainian sailors

MelnychukPhoto from Facebook / Yuri Bezyazychny

On Dec. 26, the Supreme “Court” of the occupied Crimea left five more Ukrainian Prisoners of War in the detention center, reports Crimea Realities.

“Court” dismissed an appeal of the captain of the Nikopol boat, Bohdan Nebylitsia, the captain of the Yany Kapu tugboat Oleg Melnychuk, the 2nd rank captain from the Berdiansk vessel Denys Grytsenko, the sailor from the Yany Kapu tugboat Oleh Semydotskiy and the sailor of the Berdyansk boat Yuriy Bezyazychniy.

In such a way the occupation court denied appeals of all Ukrainian sailors.

On Nov. 25, Russia captured Ukrainian warships and 24 members of their crews. Three sailors were injured. All prisoners are kept in detention centers in Moscow.

US Senate passed the resolution urging Russia to release captured Ukrainian sailors.


Source UATV
date 26.12.2018
categories Crimea
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