Russian-backed Militants Gave Away Body of Fallen Ukrainian Soldier

Roman Romanenko was 25 years old, and he served since 2015
Photo form regiment press-service

Today, as a result of a pre-planned exchange, the body of the deceased Ukrainian soldier Roman Romanenko was received by the Ukrainian side.

Ukrainian soldiers tried three times to evacuate the fallen Romanenko, but they were hindered by targeted shelling of the enemy, Novosti Donbasa reported.

The press-service of the regiment reported that the Russian-backed militants refused to take the remains of one of their fallen from the Ukrainian side, who died near the village of Zaitsevo.

On August 10, Roman Romanenko was killed during a combat mission. The fighter was blown up by a landmine. Roman was born and raised in the Dnipro, he was 25 years old. He served since the end of 2015 as a sniper.

Source Novosti Donbasa
date 13.08.2019
categories Joint Forces Operation
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