Russian-led Mercenaries Continue Assault on Ukrainian Positions

Russian hybrid forces continue to violate the ceasefire regime

Russian hybrid forces have been firing at Ukrainian positions in the Avdiyivka industrial area using banned weaponry for several days in a row. Occupiers target certain areas deliberately to do the most damage.

For several days now they have been living under targeted fire by Russian hybrid forces.

Occupiers used to fire at Ukrainian military positions using mortars that are banned under the Minsk agreements. But that doesn’t stop them.

Ukrainian soldiers fire in response only in case of extreme necessity.

“We work mainly to suppress attacks by Russian hybrid forces. They got out, closed their mouths, and didn’t bark back,” a Ukrainian soldier said.

The other day, when Ukrainian soldiers suppressed the attacks – the enemy suffered serious losses. Aleksei Trotsai, the Russian-backed commander of the militants’ reconnaissance company, was killed.

Confrontation, when there is a direct threat to their lives, is a special science of this war. Ukrainian artillery was withdrawn from the front line, while the enemy repeatedly uses artillery in broad daylight.

“Some people think that we can violate the Minsk agreements, use various types of mortars, but for some reason we are fired at, not the militants,” Ukrainian soldier said.

Our film crew could not leave the shelter for a long time. The occupiers constantly changed tactics – firing at various positions using mortars, grenade launchers, and small arms.

Ukrainian soldiers react to each attack professionally. Once again, they do not open fire in response. If necessary, they work secretly and quickly.

When the shelling stops for a while, journalists set off in search of evidence of Russian aggression. The search doesn’t last long. A road covered with fragments leads directly to the site of a mine explosion.

Ukrainian land around is full of enemy ammunition, including those that have not exploded.

One of the mines fell and, fortunately, did not explode near the soldier’s brother. They met at a neighboring position. But they really can’t communicate. Everybody is running for cover.

Later our crew will leave the position, and the Ukrainian soldiers will stay put – to do their job. Call sign “Almaz” calls it his duty.

“It’s worth it to defend our land, our country. We have to restore the territorial integrity of our state. Like it says in the books: We have to defend our country, its integrity, and inviolability,” Ukrainian soldier said.

In the morning there will be a temporary ceasefire in the Avdiyivka industrial zone. Saying goodbye to the soldiers and leaving the city, our crew will see the outskirts of occupied Yasynuvata and Donetsk. For the soldiers serving in Avdiyivka – it will always be part of Ukraine.

Source UATV
date 15.09.2019
categories Joint Forces Operation, News releases
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