Russian Security Search Multiple Homes in Occupied Crimea

Several Crimean Tatar people have been detained after the searches


Photo Facebook/Crimean Solidarity

Russian security officers conducted searches in the homes of Crimean Tatars in occupied Crimea.

“It was reported that investigative measures are being taken simultaneously in three locations: in Eldar Kantemirov’s house in Alushta town; in the house of Eskender Suleymanov (brother of Ruslan Suleymanov, detained on March 27, 2019) in Strohanivka village, Simferopol district; in the village of Kamyanka, Simferopol district,” Crimean Solidarity posted on Facebook in multiple posts on the different searches.

Later, the human rights activists reported that “investigative measures” were being taken in the houses of Riza Omerov and his father Enver Omerov in Bilohirsk town.

Searches were conducted in the house of Lenur Khalilov, the chairman of a local religious community, in Alushta and in the house of Ruslan Mesutov in the village of Maly Mayak.

Russian security officers detained Eskender Suleymanov after the search and took him to the department of the Federal Security Service of the Russian Federation. Riza Omerov was detained also.

Ayder Dzhepparov residing in the village of Zuya of Bilohirsk district region was detained after a search as well.

Source UATV
date 10.06.2019
categories Crimea
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