Saving Lives: Story of a Combat Medic

One trip to a front line town convinced a medic that he needed to help


Yevhen is a platoon combat medic who said that it was on a trip with his wife, to see his mother-law-law in the front line town of Krasnohorivka that he decided to become a combat medic.

“Saw all the destruction. It struck me and I decided to serve. I was fed up with all of this,” Yevhen said.

Last summer, Yevhen was deployed on the front lines for the first time. Right now his unit is holding one of the most important segments of the front line near Donetsk — the Butivka mine. Yevhen fought his first battles and witnesses the loss of his fellow soldiers there.

“It is hard seeing your brother in arms die. Once our brother in arms was mortally injured. We tried to administer first aid and fought for his life until the very end. We didn’t manage to save him,” he said.

Yevhen fights for every life, he does everything that he can to save people – civilian and military. That is how he formerly worked in the ambulance, and now works on the front lines. He said that war has shown him that there is no place for hypocrisy when death is so close.

“Each of us here lives his life as if this day were the last. Every day is like the last day,” Yevhen said.

To ensure that he can save as many lives as possible, Yevhen gives his comrades lessons on tactical medicine. Each day, he checks all of the trenches to make sure everyone is aware of evacuation routes in case someone is wounded.

Source UATV
date 13.11.2019
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