Saving the Lives of Ukrainian Soldiers

For the last five years, Ivan Zherdev saves lives of Ukrainian soldiers

Ivan Zherdev has been in the medical profession for over 40 years. His working day is scheduled down to the minute. There are bypasses, operations, and patient admissions. Sometimes he has to work around the clock, without days off or holidays.

For the last five years, Ivan Zherdev has practically lived at work. The Mechnikov Hospital was one of the first to receive fighters from the war zone in 2014. They continue to save Ukrainian servicemen to this day. They remember how the first wounded in the war arrived.

“When the first wounded were admitted, the nurses would sometimes pass out. Everything was very frightening. We used to watch military films, where they showed hospitals and how the wounded are carried. How the doctors fell asleep on the go. It was approximately the same with us,” Zherdev said.

Ivan Zherdev has treated more than five hundred soldiers. At the hospital, they don’t call him anything other than a hero. And few people know that the doctor who gave himself completely to saving lives almost burned out at work.

“Ivan Zherdev will not admit it, but his rhythm was disrupted by such hard work and our doctors helped him recover,” Chief doctor of Mechnikov hospital Serhiy Ryzhenko said.

Colleagues say he is a worthy recipient of the award: the Order of St. Panteleimon as the Best Doctor of Ukraine. For Ivan Zherdev, it was a complete surprise. According to him, he has many worthy colleagues in Ukraine.

Source UATV
date 14.08.2019
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